About Faith Health Care

The Challenge

90% of home health agencies do not accept an array of insurances, rather they service based on Medicare only benefits. This limits the amount of daily services a patient may qualify for.

Our loved ones deserve the best. They deserve more than the bare necessities to keep them breathing. They deserve quality and quantity care. A diversity of services and insurance options is a combination which is seemingly unattainable.

The lack of insurance coverage combined with faulty quality services leaves us with no where to turn. The solution feels inexistent.

The Solution

Faith Health Care is the perfect solution to all the above challenges.

For 30 years, Faith Health Care has been ready to assist and aid in every possible way.

Faith Health Care has a diversity of quality services and insurances. We aim to give your loved one not only the bare necessities, but also every aspect of care they can have to continue living their best lives.

Faith Health Care understands the pain point. Faith Health Care solves your challenge.

About Faith Healthcare

Faith Health Care has 30 years of integrity. Of acceptance. Of giving. Faith wants to give your loved one the care and attention they need. The assistance we all know they deserve. The care which will enable them to thrive. Your goal is our duty. Faith Health Care through a diverse number of insurances in South Florida can assure your loved ones will receive all the quality services needed. Faith Health Care respects and honors all faiths. We have multilingual professionals for your convenience.

Let Faith Health Care be your answer.
Your Health. Your Home. Your Choice.